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Device retains dual touchpads and includes Xbox-style action buttons

Steam Controller’s final design revealed

The dual circular touchpads from the first iteration of the device remain, but the left one has been given a cross-shaped marking similar to that of a traditional D-pad, MCV reports. The right one remains blank and is expected to function similar to a mousepad.

Between the two are action buttons arranged in the same way as the Xbox controller – presumably to make things easier for PC titles that already use Microsoft’s pad – and an analogue stick.

Other features include two bumpers and triggers, and three menu buttons in the centre of the controller, including one with the Steam logo that likely launches Valve’s Big Picture mode.

The Steam Controller will be released in November, alongside the first wave of Steam Machines and a new streaming device, Steam Link.

Check out the controller for yourself in the pictures below (Images via Gamespot,Polygon and Gizmodo).

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