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Steam to reveal PS4/Xbox One rival on Monday

PC download service Steam will make three announcements in its bid to wrestle control of the living room from PS4 and Xbox One.

Steam launched ‘Big Picture’ mode last year, which was a user-interface that made Steam games ideal for play on televisions and controllers. It worked but isn’t a particularly accessible solution.

But next week – starting with the first on Monday – Steam-owner Valve will make three further announcements designed to make the service more accessible in the living room. Putting it in a stronger position to combat big next-gen consoles: PS4 and Xbox One.

For those fans craving for news on Half-Life 3, or Left4Dead 3 or Portal 3 or whatever the next game from Valve will be, I wouldn’t necessarily get your hopes up. The three announcements are specifically around this living room concept.

Unless, of course, this is the long-awaited Steam Box announcement. And Half-Life 3 is its exclusive blockbuster launch title. Now there’s a thought.

We’ll know more once the timer on this site falls down to zero.

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