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Customer services branch could become full development studio in future

Strategy game developer Kixeye opens Portland office

Strategy game developer Kixeye has opened a new customer support centre in Portland, US.

Speaking to Polygon, the company’s chief marketing office Brandon Barber said the area was ideal for its expansion due to its creative talent pool and the close proximity to its San Francisco HQ.

The studio hopes to grow the number of employees at the branch to 20 by the end of the year, and could eventually turn it into a full game development house.

"It’s definitely possible," said Barber.

"There are some amazing make makers in Portland and the surrounding region. We’re always looking for great talent regardless of city, state or country for that matter.

"Our current space in Downtown Portland can handle around a hundred people, so if we decided to make games in Oregon, we’ll be ready to rock."

Focusing on browser and mobile games, Kixeye has worked on titles including Vega Conflict, War Commander and Backyard Monsters Unleashed.

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