Super Mario Run hits 50m downloads

Nintendo has announced that iOS platformer Super Mario Run has now been downloaded 50m times.

It has hit the number within a week of release. On Wednesday Nintendo revealed that the game was downloaded over 40m times in its first four days.

At the time that made it the fastest app to reach this figure. By comparison, Pokmon Go took 11 days to reach just 25m downloads, while Clash Royale took 12 days to reach the 25m mark.

It’s not yet clear how many of those downloads have turned into paid users, however, although estimates have pegged the figure at around four per cent of users – that equates to approximately 16m of revenue so far.

The high numbers have not helped Nintendo’s share price, however, which continues to fall.

It has slipped another four per cent today, hitting 23,595. On the day of launch that number stood at 27,975, meaning 19 per cent has been shaved off the company’s value since the game was launched.

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