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OPINION: A Nintendo tablet? Is it now only a matter of when, not if?

Nintendo has an annoying habit of defying what many people expect them to do. After conditioning the games press into expecting precise and targeted Nintendo Direct messaging, yesterday’s 2DS announcement was a bit of a ham-fisted mess. While lots of people will peer at the peculiar 2DS and wonder what …

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2DS’ twin screens are actually a single screen

Nintendo twin-screen 2DS isn’t quite what it appears. USGamer reports that the new hardware actually houses a single, large touchscreen which is separated into two and, in the case of the lower portion, reduced in size by nothing other than the handheld’s plastic casing. This means that it is only …

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Here’s how the 2DS lines up against 3DS and 3DS XL

Nintendo now has three options for those looking to buy into the 3DS family – and this chart explains it all very clearly. The freshly announced (and arguably confusingly branded?) 2DS is your entry-level model. It costs 109 (expect that to translate to around 100 everywhere very shortly), lacks 3D …

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Nintendo announces 2DS, but we’re in India so move along

Twitter just exploded, mostly out of disbelief, because Nintendo has announced the 2DS, its new slate form-factor handheld that plays DS and 3DS games in 2D. While many may question the need for such a device – the 3DS has the option to turn off 3D – at $129, it …

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2DS ‘gets us to an accessible price point’ says Nintendo

Nintendo says the 3D-less new handheld 2DS will help it grow its user base. Speaking the GameSpot, US execs from the firm said that while the company is still committed to 3D, it wants to grow the audience for its handheld games even further. Today the firm announced the 2DS, …

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Nintendo announces new handheld: the 2DS

Nintendo has ditched 3D for its next games handheld. The 2DS is a flattened version of the 3DS aimed at younger gamers, and has just been announced by Nintendo. It launches in the UK on October 12th, the same day as Pokemon X & Y arrives. 2DS plays 3DS games …

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