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The NBA could take on other esports titles in the future, according to 2K Sports League MD Brendan Donohue

Brendan Donohue, the managing director of NBA’s forthcoming 2K Sports League, has said that the NBA could go further in its esports plans and work with different, non-basketball, titles. This comes from his conversation with Esports Pro at Gamescom.  Donohue has said that at the moment the NBA is “super …

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Brendan Donohue: NBA esports will have a 12-month calendar

Speaking to Esports Pro Brendan Donohue, the managing director of NBA’s 2K Sports League, has outlined plans for the league, which is planned to run on a twelve month calendar. The NBA are moving as fast as they can, but logistical challenges have made it difficult to roll things out …

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NBA mention 17 NBA franchises competing in NBA 2K eLeague

Last week the NBA announced that 17 established NBA teams will be participating in the upcoming NBA 2K eLeague, the first formal esports league run by an established sporting league. The 2K eLeague was announced back in February when Brendan Donohue, formerly a marketing and business exec within the NBA …

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