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Duke Nukem sparks fresh court battle between Gearbox and 3D Realms

Gearbox is suing 3D Realms over its decision to announce a new Duke Nukem game. The IP was acquired by Gearbox in 2010 as part of the deal that saw Randy Pitchford’s studio rescue the game from its unprecedented stint of development hell. However, Kotaku reports that 3D Realms earlier …

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3D Realms withdraws Gearbox lawsuit

3D Realms’s lawsuit against Duke Nukem Forever co-developer Gearbox ended today when the company voluntarily withdrew its complaint. The legal rowbegan in Junewhen 3D Realms claimed that Gearbox owed some $2 million in unpaid royalties as part of the 2010 agreement that gave the studio license for the Duke Nukem …

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3D Realms suing Gearbox over unpaid Duke Nuken Forever royalties

The original developer of critical flop Duke Nukem Forever is suing Gearbox for over $2m. PCGamesN reports that the claims relate to royalties the studio claims remain unpaid following Gearbox’s acquisition of the Duke Nukem Forever rights in 2010. As well as the missing cash 3D Realms reckons that Gearbox …

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Duke Nukem II iOS release to mark 20th anniversary

Apogee Software’s 1993 release Duke Nukem II will land on iOS next month. Nukem’s 2D platformer sequel, originally launched on MS-DOS, will be priced at $1.99 and will work on iPhone 4S and newer iOS devices. "Before Duke Nukem 3D, before the sunglasses, before the one-liners, and before the strippers …

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Duke Nukem ‘is still 3D Realms’ game’

In taking what some see as the brave decision to help the long overdue Duke Nukem Forever come to market, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has stated that he feels committed to realise the vision that 3D Realms was unable itself to complete. When asked by Eurogamer if Duke Nukem Forever …

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Duke Nukem Forever due May

Duke Nukem Forever will be released on May 6th in the UK. The long-awaited FPS will arrive on the High Street three days after its US debut on May 3rd. Its release marks the end of the longest development time in the history of video games. Work began on Duke …

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