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3D upgrade coming to PS3

A Sony presentation detailing the firm’s consumer strategy moving forwards has offered a few insights into the direction of both Sony’s gaming and online distribution plans – and it seems that both 3D and cross platform gaming are at the core of it. Firstly, Sony has confirmed that it intends …

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DS Metroid title in the works?

Whilst the recent Wii release of Metroid Prime Trilogy seemed to have drawn a close to Samus Aran’s FPS wanderings for the time being, Nintendo has now hinted at the possibility of a new game on the series for the DS. Speaking to ONM, developer Kansuke Tanabe admitted: We are …

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Games flood Zune Marketplace

Its offering might not yet be quite broad enough to rival some of the more established players in the market, but Microsoft’s MP3player/iPodKiller/portableXbox multimedia device Zune has taken its first tentative steps into the games market with the arrival of a number of 3D games on its digital storefront. The …

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Sony: 3D TV in every home next year

Sony has predicted that 3D TV will be ‘in every home’ by the end of 2010 – and that PlayStation 3 will become a key driver in for the technology. Speaking at the at IFA technology trade show in Berlin, the electronics giant revealed that PS3 would be fully compatible …

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Avatar 3D will be HDMI only on 360

Ubisoft has added another technical requirement for those wanting to experience the upcoming James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game in its full 3D glory – an HDMI-enabled console. That’s not a problem for PS3, of course, and Wii owners aren’t getting the 3D treatment anyway.

 But it does mean that owners …

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