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Google backed out of Twitch deal due to ‘antitrust issues’

Previous reports that Google was on the verge of buying Twitch were true, a new report has claimed. It was last month said that Google had committed itself to a $1bn buyout of the video streaming service. However, it was confirmed last night that Amazon has acquired the company for …

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Facebook officially completes Oculus acquisition

Facebook has officially completed its $2bn acquisition of Oculus. The shock deal wasfirst announced in late March. It includes $400m in cash and 23.1 million shares of Facebook common stock, valued at $1.6bn. A further $300m will also be offered depending on the achievement of certain milestones. A joint statement …

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Oculus on long-term benefits of Facebook acquisition, promises lower launch price

Palmer Luckey has taken to Reddit to address some of the concerns being raised in the wake of Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus. Among the statements are assertions that it will result in a lower RRP for the consumer version of Rift, a shorter wait for a full release and the …

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