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‘Horror games are pushing into the mainstream’

Creepy PS4 exclusive Until Dawn will help the horror genre march into the mainstream, says Sony. Product manager Joe Palmer praised the resurrection of the horror game ahead of the release of the PS4 exclusive later this month. The horror genre is huge in the wider entertainment industry,” Palmer told …

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Sega – from console showstopper to PC powerhouse

Back in 1995, a handful of gaming giants united to create the global trade show E3. At the heart of its creation was Sega, which had run a number of events in the years prior. So it was very much the end of an era when Sega announced it wouldn’t …

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Alien: Isolation and Sonic fall short of Sega’s expectations

Sega has described its full-year software unit sales as weak” for the 12 months ending March. That’s despite a 41 per cent jump in annual unit sales, but reflects its disappointment in both critical hit Alien: Isolation and critical flop Sonic Boom, which sold 2.1m and 620k units respectively. The …

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