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Interview: Inside Rovio London

A gaming giant has come to roost in the UK capital and it is establishing a place where games developers may find themselves working alongside magicians, as Will Freeman finds out

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Rovio announces new London studio and new IP

Angry Birds studio Rovio has announced the creation of a new development arm dedicated to massively multiplayer online games. The new team will be based in London and work on a new IP. Nothing has been revealed on this new game yet, only that it will not be set in …

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Ship Just Got Real: How Dark Souls, Battlefield and Angry Birds inspired sailing sim Naval Action

A hardcore RPG, triple-A shooter and casual mobile hit may not seem like the obvious muses for an ultra-realistic sailing simulator, yet these are the proven mechanics in which Naval Action grounds its complex historical accuracy. Game Labs captain Maxim Zasov teaches Develop the ropes

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Interview: Rovio’s million dollar Angry Birds comeback

In its native Finland, Rovio means pyre. And for many years, thanks to the success of its Angry Birds brand, the company burned bright. Following the smash hit success of the original game, the firm has launched another 14 Angry Birds titles, spin-offs and tie-in releases, resulting in three billion …

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