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Bohemia reveals failed Arma II 360 port, next game ‘likely’ multiplatform

Bohemia Interactive attempted an Arma 2 port for Xbox 360 that ultimately didn’t pan out, the developer has revealed. In an interview with Eurogamer, Arma 2 project lead Joris-Jan van t’ Land discussed the attempt to port the popular PC shooter to Microsoft’s 360 console, but ultimately determined the team …

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Bohemia feared fan reaction to standalone DayZ

Developer Bohemia Interactive feared a fan backlash when it announced plans to launch a standalone DayZ game. DayZ is a free fan-made zombie mod for the PC game ARMA II and has been a huge success, helping the three-year old ARMA II sit atop the Steam charts for several weeks …

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Day Z officially goes standalone, backed by Bohemia

Indie PC hit Day Z is officially being developed into a standalone tite. Arma II creators Bohemia Interactive are funding the venture, though Day Z creator Dean Hall has been hired as project lead. This is thefairy-tale outcome for a mod that many would have said impossible four months ago,” …

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Day Z reaches one million unique users

Independently developed Arma II mod Day Z has passed the one million registered users milestone. It’s a tremendous achievement for creator Dean Hall, whose creation – which is completely free to download – has become one of the hottest properties in gaming since its release in June of this year. …

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DayZ approaches 1m registered users as creator talks standalone

ArmA II’s mod monster DayZ is rapidly closing in on 1m registered users, so where does it go from here? Creator Dean Hall touched on a variety of topics regarding his smash hit with VG247, including what has to happen for the title to go standalone and the possibility of …

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DayZ dev mulls free-to-play standalone game as mod nears 500k players

DayZ creator Dean Hall has revealed new facts and figures regarding his ArmA II open world multiplayer modification that has taken PC gaming by storm. Hall, who works for ArmA developer Bohemia Interactive as a multiplayer designer, told Eurogamer that as of this past Friday 400,000 players were playing DayZ. …

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