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EA releases Mirror’s Edge 2 art ahead of likely E3 reveal

Mirror’s Edge 2 looks odds on toe feature as part of EA’s slate for E3 this week. The Mirror’s Edge Facebook page has released a new image, which can be seen in full below, which while not carrying the full Mirror’s Edge 2 branding can surely only point to one …

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So why does Kirby always look angry in the West?

Ever noticed that Kirby is always the embodiment of happiness and light on Japanese artwork and a right grump on Western game boxes? Well, there’s a reason for that. Basically, cute things sell well in Japan. "For the Japanese versions we are at [developer] HAL involved in everything throughout development, …

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PS3 cover art is changing

Sony is once again altering the cover art for PS3 games. As spotted by IGN, the blue makeover was revealed via the box for Tecmo Koei’s Deception IV. Sony has since confirmed that all PS3 games will from this point boast the same look. This means that PS4, PS4 and …

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