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The Develop Post-Mortem: Riff Racer

Audio-generated landscapes are nothing new, but Foam Entertainment’s Riff Racer combines this with arcade racing mechanics. James Batchelor finds out how the game enables users to drive through any song

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Key Release: Fmod.io

Firelight Technologies has launched what it claims is the first sound library integrated in a professional-level audio tool, in the form of Fmod.io. CEO Brett Paterson runs through the news he hopes devs want to hear

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Snake’s Tale: David Hayter on recognising actors, working with Kojima and plans for his own game

As the voice of Snake for more than a decade, David Hayter is one of the most iconic performers in games, as well as a successful Hollywood writer and director. With the career-defining franchise now behind him, we ask about moving from triple-A to the indie scene, the importance of contributing to characters, and what lies ahead

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