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3DS Tetris slots in next month

Nintendo will release a 3DS version of Tetris on October 21st, continuing the long-running block-stacking puzzle series. Released as Tetris Axis in the US, the game will simply be known as Tetris in the UK and Europe, and will feature more than 20 variations on the classic handheld game. Naturally, …

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AR character cards bundled with 3DS

The 3DS will come bundled with six augmented reality cards based on popular Nintendo characters at launch. When placed on flat surface and viewed through the upcoming handheld’s camera, the cards transform on screen into an animated character. The cards included in the 3DS box will allow players to have …

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Spyro the Dragon returns

As hinted at earlier this week, Activision has announced a major crossover between the toy and video games sectors with a brand new title featuring the iconic Spyro the Dragon. Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, which is due out the autumn, will target the 6-12 year old market with a game that …

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