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THQ closes its Asia Pacific division

News has just come through that today the THQ Asia-Pacific offices in Melbourne are scheduled to be closed down. The shut down will occur in the next few months, as THQ’s sales and distribution business is handed over to a local sub-distributor. This is an ongoing trend in Australia now, …

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Police commissioner blames games for knife crime

Violent video games are directly to blame for an increasing acceptance of violence in everyday society, an Australian police commissioner has claimed. The comments come in the wake of an apparent wave of stabbings amongst the younger communities of Sydney. There is nothing more potentially damaging than the sort of …

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Australia’s largest dev formed via Firemint and Iron Monkey merger

EA has announced today that it is bringing Melbourne’s two much-celebrated mobile developers,Iron MonkeyandFiremint, together. The newly created studio, bringing together over 40 employees from each studio, will be Firemonkeys which, according to EA, now constitutes Australia’s largest development studio. The pair of developers have been cohabitating for some time …

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