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Consumers positive about Online Pass

EA has claimed that it hasn’t experienced any sort of backlash from consumers as a result of introducing its Online Pass in titles such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and the upcoming FIFA 11. In fact, the publisher has gone so far as to say that gamers are positive …

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Medal of Honor backlash begins

Rupert Murdoch’s US news agency Fox News has become the first to openly explore the morality involved in allowing users to play as the Taliban in EA’s modern war shooter Medal of Honor. Speaking on Fox & Friends, the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq six years ago claimed …

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Will Kinect and Move arrive too late?

A succession of poorly-received software releases for the Nintendo Wii could have a negative impact on the success of the soon-to-be-launched Xbox 360 Kinect and PlayStation Move, according to one UK retail boss. Market results for the last two quarters have seen Wii sales severely decline,” ShopTo CEO Igor Cipolletta …

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