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Bad Company 2 LE detailed

EA has released details on the perks including in the Limited Edition version of DICE’s upcoming console shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – but the biggest surprise is that the LE version will retail for the same price as the vanilla SKU of the game. Those lucky enough to get …

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It’s time to stop bad-mouthing EA

FIFA producer David Rutter feels that it is time for the press to stop attacking EA Sports – as the firm attempts to top last year’s groundbreaking FIFA release. Rutter is the man tasked with meeting EA Sports president Peter Moore’s ambitious targets for FIFA 2010, which include reaching an …

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EA: Mass Effect II and Bad Company 2 announced

EA has announced as part of its latest financial posting that it will release Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Mass Effect II in Q4 this year – adding that the latter title will now be a multi-platform venture. The pair will join a number of others in EA’s 2009 release …

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