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Rocket League reaches 34m players worldwide

Rocket League just debuted a new banning system to make sure it’s a harassment-free place,” creator Psyonix just revealed. This follows the developer’s announcement that Rocket League has just reached an impressive 34m players worldwide. Announced by Rocket League’s community manager Devin Connors in a blog post, the new ban …

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EA blocks Origin in Myanmar but promises to try and fix the issue

Over the weekend a Reddit user kicked up a fuss when they discovered they couldn’t access Origin games in Myanmar, but EA has said it plans to reverse this country ban. The Reddit thread explained that when anyone located in Myanmar tried to access EA’s PC distribution service they were …

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From Software is investigating alleged unfair Dark Souls 3 bans

A number of players claim to have been wrongly banned from the online component of Dark Souls 3. From Software has since the days of the original Dark Souls struggled with policing the series’ community. Historically players who are deemed to have cheated in any way are pooled off into …

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