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AUSTRALIA: Fallout 3 granted release

News that the Australian games regulators had banned Bethesda’s next-gen RPG Fallout 3 from release were not received well by gamers Down Under – so the news that the game now seems set for release will no doubt be celebrated. Gamerchip reports that both GAME and Electronics Boutique have both …

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Rockstar’s GTAIV may have survived its BBFC classification unscathed in this country, but the upcoming game has been cut prior to its release in Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. No details have been released about what aspects of the game were removed, though the BBFC’s recent report about the …

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PS3 ad banned in UK

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a Sony PS3 internet advert in the UK, reported Life Style Extra. The organisation said that the advert "could be deemed to condone or glamorize violence or anti-social behaviour.” After forcing it to be withdrawn, the ASA issued Sony with a warning regarding its …

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