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Fortnite’s 1.9 update adds jump pads, shallow-water building and bigger ammo stacks

Fortnite’s Battle Royale 1.9 update is currently being rolled out worldwide, and it’s adding several changes to differentiate the growing battle royale title. The update adds launch pads to the game, a trap that throws players high into the air, giving them a vantage point on the nearby area and …

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Warface to get battle royale mode

It’s been a week or since a shooter has revealed its own battle royale mode, but to save us from panic, Crytek’s Warface has announced it’s own fight-to-the-death-with-scavenged-weapons ‘em up mode that will enter the Warface with the next update. Warface’s update seems to include all of the staples of …

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Now Warface is getting a Battle Royale mode

The race to integrate 2017’s hottest game mode into every online title under the sun is on. Crytek’s Warface is following in the footsteps of Epic’s Fortnite by adding a battle royale mode to the free-to-play shooter in its next update. In an even bolder act of brinkmanship, the map …

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