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Some players wrongly banned from Battlefield 3 multiplayer

Anti-cheat system Punkbuster has incorrectly banned some innocent players of Battlefield 3. The third party software is designed to automatically identify players who are cheating and ban them automatically. As the software isn’t owned or operated by EA, overturning the bans is proving tricky. We are investigating an issue of …

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Battlefield 3 is currently free on Origin as ongoing Battlefield 4 support is pledged

EA is giving away Battlefield 3 for free to PC gamers. The publisher is making a habit of offering free titles to Origin users, having previously made the likes of Dead Space and Plants vs Zombies free to download. Battlefield 3 will remain free until June 4th. There’s also some …

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DICE promises changed single player for Battlefield 4

The single player component of Battlefield 4 will feel quite different from what was offered in Battlefield 3, DICE has said. "We got a lot of feedback from the Battlefield 3 single player,” DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson told CVG. Based on what we intended to deliver the team did …

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Battlefield 3 Premium reaches 3.5m subscriptions

Battlefield 3 Premium has generated $120m for EA since its launch. The subscription-based program currently boasts over 3.5m players, according to EA’s latest financial results. In the report, the publisher specifically points to the service as one of the reasons for a strong showing in its most recent fiscal quarter. …

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The many faces of EA: Laura Miele, EA Games

In the third of our four EA interviews, EA Games marketing boss Laura Miele discusses Dead Space, Need for Speed, Medal of Honor and Battlefield 3 How was E3 for EA Games?We did something interesting this year in that we waited until E3 to announce Dead Space 3, Need for …

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