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Battlefield 1’s incursions mode could be a strong esports effort, but it’s not there yet

EA has courted the esports crowd for a long time, with squad modes like Deathmatch, Rush and Obliteration offering a smaller scale vision of Battlefield’s 64 man squabbles more suited to competition.  Problem is, they’ve never really gained traction. Battlefield is a game about big fights: planes screaming overhead, tanks …

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EA: Titanfall 2 is Call of Duty’s true rival, not Battlefield

Call of Duty’s biggest competitor this Christmas is Titanfall, EA has told MCV @ Gamescom. EA’s CMO Chris Bruzzo said that Battlefield 1 may be the bigger game, but it is actually a very different beast Titanfall 2 is also being developed by Respawn, a company founded by former Infinity …

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Ship Just Got Real: How Dark Souls, Battlefield and Angry Birds inspired sailing sim Naval Action

A hardcore RPG, triple-A shooter and casual mobile hit may not seem like the obvious muses for an ultra-realistic sailing simulator, yet these are the proven mechanics in which Naval Action grounds its complex historical accuracy. Game Labs captain Maxim Zasov teaches Develop the ropes

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Battlefield TV series in development at Paramount

Battlefield is the latest game to be given the TV show treatment. Paramount Television and production company Anonymous Content, which recently worked on TV series The Knick, have acquired the rights of EA’s title, Variety reports. It’s actually not the first time that a Battlefield TV series has been announced …

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The Big Game: Battlefield 1

If you ever needed a solid indication that consumers weren’t exactly satisfied with the state of the shooter genre, you need only look at the reaction to Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare this year. The reveal trailer for the former, a first-person shooter set during World War …

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Next Battlefield title called Battlefield 1, set in World War One

The next entry in EA’s Battlefield series is taking the franchise to World War One and will be hitting shelves this October. The new title – Battlefield 1 – is set for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC (via Origin) on October 21st. Players will be able to fight …

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