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Pirate Bay prosecutors call for jail term

As the trial of the owners of BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay enters its third week , prosecutors have called for a one-year jail term to be imposed on the men in the dock. Frederik Neij, Carl Lundstom, Peter Sunde and Gottfrid Warg are all accused of promoting copyright infringement …

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Pirate Bay case could swing piracy battle

This week has seen the beginning of a potentially important legal case that could see the momentum in the battle against IP and copyrighted material theft swing back in favour rights holders. Swedish prosecutors on Monday set out their case against The Pirate Bay, the internet’s leading BitTorrent file-sharing site, …

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FRANCE: Three strikes policy to hit file-sharers

The French Senate has passed a new law designed to crack down on internet file-sharing as the battle against online IP theft reaches the continent. Music Week reports that the French Senate has recently passed a three strikes and you’re out” law raised by President Sarkozy which, as the name …

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Which?: Atari mis-targeting file-sharers

Leading consumer rights outfit Which? has claimed that Atari and law firm Davenport Lyons are wrongly accusing people of file-sharing titles, even when no evidence of the activity exists. The BBC reports that a case was recently dropped against a Scottish couple accused of sharing PC title Race07, despite the …

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Fallout 3 suffers early piracy blow

Most publishers are accustomed to their titles hitting the pirate network the very moment they’re shipped out to retail, but Bethesda has suffered an early blow with news that Fallout 3 has already hit illegal file sharing networks. The game, which isn’t due out in the UK until October 31st, …

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Spore faces piracy backlash

A report showing that EA’s PC hit Spore is suffering from unusually high numbers of illegal downloads has been blamed on the fact that EA has implemented stern digital rights management restrictions on its game. Spore’s DRM prevents the game being installed more than three times – a problem for …

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