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Why don’t esports organisations care about Heroes of the Storm?

Heroes of the Storm’s esports league keeps rolling, but organisations still aren’t interested. What’s going on with Heroes of the Storm’s esports scene?  BlizzCon 2014 saw the first iteration of Heroes of the Storm esports on stage. At that time Heroes of the Storm was still in technical alpha and …

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The Overwatch League’s Shanghai franchise now has a name

A team from the upcoming Overwatch League has for the first time been given an official name and branding. The Shanghai Dragons will, as the name suggests, represent China’s biggest city. It’s owned by Netease, which is of course a partner of Overwatch developer Blizzard. Its logo takes the form …

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Blizzard acknowledges Overwatch instaban bug

For anyone who takes their Overwatch seriously, the thought of bug that renders the player with an instaban is about as terrifying as it gets. And that’s exactly what has been happening. A player named Chromega highlighted the issue – which fortunately seems to be rare – on both the …

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Mercy’s rework is now live on Overwatch after a month of on the Private Test Realm

A huge rework to healer Mercy has come to Overwatch’s live servers after almost a month of testing on Overwatch’s Private Test Realm (PTR). The change reworks Mercy’s abilities, most notably her ultimate, to make her a little more active in play after Blizzard noted that a Mercy with her …

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Warcraft 3 gets a Public Test Realm, with several changes to the 15 year old game

Blizzard have introduced a Public Test Realm for Warcraft 3, a first for the venerable real-time strategy title. Blizzard have stated that the PTR is primarily aimed at implementing a bunch of balance changes, in addition to updating assets and several other improvements. It’s poured fuel onto the raging fire …

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UK and US earn spots in the Overwatch World Cup top 8, taking place at Blizzcon

The United States and United Kingdom have secured their spots at the Overwatch World Cup main event, taking place from November 3, during Blizzcon. The US and UK triumphed over Taiwan and Germany in the playoffs, with the UK remaining undefeated in terms of map score, Taiwan failing to score …

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