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Apple blocks C64 iPhone emulator

Having reportedly been initially very keen on the project, Apple has slammed the brakes on the planned release of a fully operational and licensed Commodore 64 emulator for the iPhone. The app, which is developed by Manomio, includes a full-speed C64 emulator, auto-save functionality and both landscape and portrait support. …

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Sony blocks Ericsson PSP phone pitch

Sony has refused to grant its Sony Ericsson joint venture permission to use its PlayStation branding on phones, according to Mobile Today . The decision was apparently made in December following a series of pitches on the grounds that the troubled handset maker couldn’t guarantee a good enough user experience. …

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Nintendo confirms R4 DSi incompatibility

Nintendo has confirmed to MCV that today’s reports claiming that SD-card based piracy hardware the R4 will not work with the upcoming DSi are correct. The platform holder was not able to confirm whether this is a deliberate feature of the newly redesigned handheld. However, judging by recent history it’s …

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