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Bohemia commits to 2018 release for DayZ on Xbox One, beta release on PC

Four years after it was first released on PC, developer Bohemia Interactive has said that DayZ will exit beta and arrive on Xbox… next year. “Being candid is the core of the relationship we have as a studio with you, our community. That includes openly talking about things that we …

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DayZ forums hacked, users urged to change passwords

Developer Bohemia Interactive has said that a recent forum hack has led to a security breach of user data. While users’ passwords were not stored in plain text, they, along with all usernames and passwords, were illicitly accessed and downloaded. While the passwords were not stored in plain text, but …

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DayZ console prototype delayed until next year

The long wait for the arrival of DayZ on consoles just got a bit longer. "Alright everyone, let’s make this news stand out a bit: DayZ won’t hit the Xbox Game Preview program this year,” developer Bohemia has now said.The main focus of the DayZ team is the PC version, …

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The dangers of open development

As some developers come under-fire for over-promising on their games, we ask studios making their games in the public eye how to avoid angering fans

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DayZ Early Access hits 3m copies sold

The Early Access standalone edition of DayZ has reached a new milestone, surpassing the 3m sales mark as the past week drew to a close. In a post on Bohemia Interactive’s official site, the studio confirmed the game now has 3m players along with 80 staff members on the development …

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DayZ not expected to leave Steam Early Access until 2016

Bohemia Interactive has outlined its forward plans for DayZ, indicating that the game won’t exit Steam Early Access until the first half of 2016. The former Arma mod entered Early Access in December 2013 but is not even expected to enter its beta phase until Q4 2015. Furthermore, the price …

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