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A console port of DayZ "almost certain"

The PC release of standalone DayZ may still be some way off, but that hasn’t stopped creator Dean Hall hinting at a console release. The DayZ Arma II mod enjoyed huge success last year, so much so that Arma devs Bohemia recruited the mod’s maker to produce an official standalone …

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VIDEO: New-look DayZ shown off by creator David ‘Rocket’ Hall

Gamers have at last been given a decent glimpse of Dean Hall’s brand new standalone DayZ. DayZ is a mod release for Bohemia’s army simulation Arma II, but its popularity lead to the Arma studio hiring Hall to create an official, standalone version of the title. The new DayZ was …

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Nvidia Shield gets exclusive launch title – Arma Tactics

Bohemia Interactive has revealed a new exclusive Arma game being made specifically for Nvidia’s Shield console. Called Arma Tactics, the game is due out in Q2 2013 and will be available only on Nvidia’s upcoming Android device, for the time being at least. The game is turn-based with players controlling …

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Bohemia devs freed from Greek jail

Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar have been freed on bail and are free to return home to the Czech Republic. The Bohemia Interactive developers were arrested in September after being accused of scouting a military base on the island of Lemnos to aid in the development of Arma III – …

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Bohemia postpones Arma 3

Arma 3 has been officially postponed until 2013 by developer Bohemia Interactive. The decision comes as two of its staff remain in jail following their arrest over allegations that they were scouting a military base on the Greek island of Lemnos in the name of research for the game. All …

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Bohemia clamps down on ‘Bounty’ DayZ gambling mod

Bohemia Interactive has instructed developers of a DayZ ‘gambling’ mod to cease work on the title as it claims it undermines the original experience. As reported byVG247, the unofficial mod, called DayZ Bounty, charges users between $5 to $20 to play, and rewards players with real money for kills. ArmA …

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