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Boss Key COO: Lawbreakers esports success is “the ultimate dream to achieve”

Lawbreakers has, in gamer parlance, completely bombed. Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Arjan Brusse, COO & co-founder of Boss Key, says that part of the company’s aims for reviving the troubled shooter revolve around esports and a service model. Brusse says that esports success is “the ultimate dream to achieve” for the …

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Don’t write off LawBreakers as Broverwatch, it’s more than that

“So, is it just like Overwatch, then?” Playing LawBreakers on launch day, and the several beta tests before that, I’ve been bombarded with this question, in Steam messages, Discord and even the office. Thing is, besides being an FPS that features selectable heroes, LawBreakers isn’t anything like the Broverwatch many …

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