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"The Witness isn’t an indie game"

In 2008, a puzzle platformer game called Braid hit Xbox Live Arcade. It was made by an American developer called Jonathan Blow, and was one of the first commercial smash hits from the then-burgeoning indie scene. Now, after a seven-year development period and blowing through a budget that’s close to …

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Jonathan Blow’s The Witness releases next week

The Witness will be released on PS4 and PC on Tuesday January 26th, priced at a not inconsiderable 30. Mind you, considering that it has been in development for the best part of eight years, that price is perhaps not unreasonable. After all, is there a reason why indie games …

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The Witness arrives in January for PS4, PC and iOS

Braid creator Jonathan Blow has announced his long in-development game The Witness will launch this January. A new trailer confirms the first-person puzzle game will release wordwide on January 26th. As previously revealed, it will arriveas a console exclusive on PS4, as well as on PC and iOS platforms. Blow’s …

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Blow is self-funding development of The Witness

Jonathan Blow is ploughing all the money he made from time-bending platformer Braid into upcoming puzzler The Witness. Speaking toEngadget, Blow said though Braid still sells well on certain platforms, the income was not nearly enough” to continue funding his current project. As a result of the lack of his …

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