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Candy Crush is Britain’s favourite game

The popularity of Candy Crush among women and older gamers has led it to be voted as the UK’s favourite title. That’s according to a YouGov survey of almost 2,000 Brits, who were asked to select their preferred title – past or present. Candy Crush was the clear winner among …

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UK back in charge as BBC Worldwide kills LA video games division

BBC Worldwide has regenerated its video game plan… again. The commercial arm of the BBC has closed its games department in Los Angeles and moved it back to Britain to merge with the UK Consumer Products division. Digital entertainment and games director Rikesh Desai will lead a team that includes …

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Ordnance Survey maps Britain in Minecraft

A complete map of the British Isles built using the Minecraft has been made freely available by Ordnance Surney. A total of 22 million blocks were used in its construction, which represents an area representing 220,000 square kilometres. Anyone can download it for free, although they will need a copy …

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61% of Brits think violent games cause real-world violence

A YouGov poll has revealed that the majority of Britons believe that video games violence can be a catalyst for real-world violence. When asked if they agreed or disagreed with the statement ‘video games can be a cause of real-world violence and aggression’ 61 per cent of those who responded …

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Average global broadband connection speed hits 3.1Mbps; UK hits 7.9Mbps

The average internet user from anywhere in the world enjoys a connection speed of 3.1Mbps. That’s according to a new report from Akamai entitled The State of the Internet. It’s the first time the global average has surpassed 3Mbps. The global peak speed averages out at 18.4Mbps. The UK misses …

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