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Second Halo 3 beta already underway?

Following the tremendous success of Microsoft’s slightly delayed and hugely popular Halo 3 multiplayer beta, word has spread that a second beta may already be underway. Dubbed Halo 3 Epsilon, eagle-eyed 360 gamers have spotted others playing the game on their Xbox Live friends lists. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the …

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Halo 3 co-op confirmed

After much mmming and ahhing , Halo 3 developer Bungie has finally confirmed that its upcoming Xbox 360 FPS will indeed offer co-operative play in its campaign mode. Up to four gamers will be able to hook up over Xbox Live, or alternatively, two machines hosting split-screen play will be …

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Online co-op in doubt for Halo 3

Whilst rumour and speculation had lead to a number of fans expecting Bungie to announce an online co-op mode for upcoming Xbox 360 FPS Halo 3, recent comments from the developer have cast doubt on the chances of it actually making it to the final game. Speaking to Electronic Gaming …

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