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LGC: ‘MMO is dead, except for EVE: Online,’ says CCP Games

CCP Games prepares the launch of the MMO’s twentieth expansion. David Reid, CMO at CCP Games says the franchise is continuing to grow despite the declining state of rival MMO titles. He confessed that never accepting a game is finished is key to ensuring its long-term success. If you want …

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CCP hires Battlefield Heroes executive producer Gaudechon

Dust 514 developer CCP Games has hired EA’s former free-to-play specialist, Jean-Charles Gaudechon. Games Industry reports Gaudechon will assume an executive producer role for the microtransaction-driven FPS. He joins CCP Shanghai, and will report to senior VP of product development Sean Decker –another former EA free-to-play executive. Gaudechon previously served …

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EVE Online dev wants to sell more physical goods in-game

CCP Games is looking at more ways to sell real-life products to players in exchange for in-game money. The developer-publisher of popular PC MMO EVE Online – which has over 360,000 subscribers worldwide – recently offered gamers 100 Nvidia graphics cards in-game. They sold out in less than two minutes. …

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