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Dust 514 WILL be free to download

Developer CCP has had a change of heart and confirmed that Dust 514 will be completely free to play. The studio had previously claimed that a cover charge” would be required to download the game, with the expense refunded in the form of in-game credits. However, speaking to Eurogamer executive …

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‘Virtual items policy’ in the works for PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment is negotiating an in-game currency policy for all virtual items traded on PS3, the CEO of CCP Games has said. Hilmar Pturssontold Developthat the studioexpects that the negotiations will establish pricing tiers of virtual items, as well as the revenue split between Sony and developers. The talks …

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The oldest republic

Eve Online has been governed by players since 2003. Develop speaks to CCP about protests, economies and the PS3 invasion

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