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International Factfile 2015: Iceland

Iceland is a thriving landscape for games, backed by strong government investment in the industry. According to technology website Wired, revenue from Iceland’s video games industry rose by more than 600 per cent between 2008 and 2011. Icelandic news outlet Eyjan reports that video games earned the country 1.9 billion …

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Execs depart EVE Online developer CCP as San Francisco office closes

CCP, the maker of expansive MMO space sim EVE Online, has announced plans to close its San Francisco office, with two executives also set to depart from the firm. In the company’s latest financial report (via Eurogamer), it was revealed that chief marketing officer David Reid and chief financial officer …

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Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff joins EVE: Valkyrie cast

Banking back towards Starbuck territory, Katee Sackhoff will appear in CCP’s virtual reality title EVE: Valkyrie. The Battlestar Galactica star’s involvement was revealed at the developer’s Fanfest event in Iceland. She will provide voice acting for the lead character Rn. The first time I played Eve: Valkyrie I immediately knew …

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CCP cancels World of Darkness, reduces staff

Eve Online and Dust 514 developer CCP has announced the cancellation of its MMO World of Darkness, as well as a reduction in staff. The company revealed in a statement this week that with the canning of the title’s development, 56 jobs have been cut at its Atlanta studio. "The …

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Ex-CCP design director joins Bigpoint

Eve Online and Dust 514 designer Craig Scott has joined free-to-play studio Bigpoint to take the reigns on a new unannounced MMO. The studio announced the appointment on its site, with Bigpoint CEO Khaled Helioui stating that Scott will work on a new breed of MMO.” Scott’s CCP days saw …

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