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Free-to-play shooter Dust 514 finally gets PS3 release date

Eve-themed shooter Dust 514 finally has a release date on PS3. The CCP Games title will be available to download for free on May 14th. It will be supported by microtransactions, although its most alluring feature is undoubtedly its integration with PC MMO behemoth EVE Online. Reaching this point has …

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Will free-to-play console games lead the next generation?

We’re days away from learning more about how the next generation of consoles will take shape – and developers predict free-to-play games will be at the heart of it. The games industry has embraced the business model in the past few years, with publishing giants like EA and Ubisoft investing …

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EVE and Dust 514 to merge servers tomorrow

CCP will tomorrow merge its established PC MMO EVE and experimental PS3 shooter Dust 514 tomorrow. The most notable change will be the inclusion of Dust players in EVE’s chat system. Dust mercenaries will also be able to join EVE corporations and accept contracts from NPC Faction Warfare militias. EVE …

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