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Half-Life finally gets an unedited German release

Almost 20 years after its original release, German gamers can now legally play an unedited version of Valve’s Half-Life for the first time. Polygon reports that the game has finally been removed from Germany’s ‘list of objectionable media’, which is compiled and managed by the Federal Review Board for Media …

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Outlast 2 greenlit for Australian release

The Australian Classification Board has seemingly reversed its decision to ban Outland 2. It was revealed last week that the game had been barred from release, with authorities citing what was perceived to be the inclusion of sexual violence in the game as the cause. As such, its content could …

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Australian senator calls for video game classification reform

Video games are demonised by a government filled by people who don’t understand them, according to one Australian senator. David Leyonhjelm, a senator for the Liberal Democratic Party in New South Wales, has appealed to the Senate this week to allow Australian adults to decide for themselves what video game …

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Outlast 2 denied Australian classification

Australia’s classification board has reportedly blocked the release of upcoming horror title Outlast 2 in the region. Kotaku Australia reports that the inclusion of what was perceived to be sexual violence in the game was blamed. As such, its content could not be accommodated by the existing R18+ rating, and …

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Germany’s Red Faction ban to be lifted after 13 years

THQ shooter Red Faction will this year be available in Germany for the first time since its release in 2001. Red Faction was originally placed on Germany’s ‘index’ of potentially harmful media in 2003 due to its then graphic 3D depiction of violence. Even a resubmitted version, stripped of all …

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Blizzard to remove sexualised Tracer pose, provoking predictable outcry

Subsets of the games community are crying ‘censorship’ once again after Blizzard has said it will pull sexually exploitative Overwatch artwork. The pose in question depicts Tracer looking over her shoulder at the viewer, displaying her lycra-clad behind. It’s a position that nearly every female game or superhero movie star …

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