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HTC announces new Vive Pro headset and ‘VR-first’ Viveport redesign

HTC Vive almost came out of nowhere in the VR headset race to take a hefty market share – in part due to its ambitious room-based tracking technology. The company is now further pushing its technical advantage over the competing Oculus Rift with a new Vive Pro headset and Vive …

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Nvidia announces ‘TV’ for the PC master race with the BFGD

The first big gaming announcement of this year’s CES really is Big. There’s nothing the PC industry likes more than a new product standard and Nvidia has created the mother-of-all-displays with its new Big Format Gaming Display (or BFGD in an apparent nod to the legendary DOOM weapon). The first …

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HTC Vive Tracker, Deluxe Audio Strap pricing and availability confirmed

HTC has announced pricing and availability information for its Vive Tracker and Vive Deluxe Audio Strap accessories it unveiled at CES. The Vive Tracker, which can track additional accessories in VR to make experiences more immersive, will be available for developer purchase on March 27th for 99.99, while general consumer …

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Formula E drivers head to Vegas for $1 million race

Formula E is heading to Las Vegas, for a $1 million race featuring all 20 drivers. The race will take place at the Venetian Hotel as part of the Sport Business and Innovation Summit at CES next year. The players will use playseat simulators running rFactor 2 software, which will …

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‘CES can offer game giants an audience that E3 cannot’

The biggest names in games are returning to CES to show off products to the ‘entire tech ecosystem,’ says the event’s organisers. The Consumer Electronics Show used to be a home for the games industry before the launch of E3 in 1995. But this year saw more video game companies …

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Dixons on-board for Steam Machines

Currys/PC World owner says it’s keeping close tabs on Valve’s new Steam Machines to bring devices to the High Street. Valve took to the stage at this year’s CES show to lift the lid on the long-awaited devices and confirmed 13 partners would produce their own iterations of the device, …

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