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System 3 set to Challenge racing rivals

Watch out Codemasters – System 3 has pledged to become the greatest racing publisher in the world beginning with the upcoming SuperCar Challenge on PlayStation 3. Developed by Eutechnyx, the new game is based on last year’s multi-format hit Ferrari Challenge, and will hit shelves in August. The title boasts …

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Namco Bandai announces new Family Trainer

Publisher Namco Bandai is to release a second instalment to its Family Trainer franchise on Wii this autumn in the UK. Family Trainer: Extreme Challenge will again utilise both the WiiMote and Namco’s own Family Trainer Mat and will boast activities such as wakeboarding, rock climbing and base jumping. The …

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System 3 reveals SuperCar Challenge

Publisher System 3 has announced a follow-up to PS3, Wii, DS and PS2 racer Ferrari Challenge, though this time the series is set to be a PS3 exclusive. SuperCar Challenge is built on the same engine as the former title, and will include 40 vehicles including the Aston Martin DB9, …

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