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New Wii controller unearthed

Nintendo has quietly announced a new controller for the Wii on its Japanese site called the Classic Controller Pro. On the face of it the device appears to be a standard Classic Controller with some sort of additional housing on the back, but the shift of the secondary shoulder button …

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Nintendo plots Xmas day ad blitz

Nintendo is planning extensive TV advertising on Christmas Day in support of its Boxing Day release, 100 Classic Book Collection. The platform holder is optimistic the game can capitalise on the post-Christmas sales rush, with the title’s 19.99 price tag set to be a major selling point. As this title …

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Nintendo reveals 100 Classic Book Collection for DS

Nintendo is preparing to break new ground yet again with its DS handheld by releasing a compilation of popular novels for its machine entitled 100 Classic Book Collection. Developed in association with publisher HarperCollins, the title includes the likes of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Around the …

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