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Nvidia launches Grid on-demand streaming gaming service

There’s another streaming games service on the way, this time from Nvidia. It’s called Grid and it will be offered free to owners of Nvidia’s Shield handheld and tablet from November 18th through to June 30th 2015. The company claims to have built a grid – get it? – of …

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Cloud users to hit 3.6bn by 2018 – report

3.6bn people will rely on cloud technology by 2018, a new report from Juniper Research forecasts. Juniper’s research (via Games Industry) states that 2.4bn individuals used cloud services in 2013, though stresses that streaming music services such as Spotify and Pandora claimed the bulk of revenue coming out of cloud-enabled …

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Ouya launches Playcast streaming service

Ouya has launched its Playcast-powered cloud-based game streaming feature in beta this week, with Lego Batman 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction now available to play on the service. The feature, developed by Playcast Media, is similar to other cloud-based services like OnLive and Sony’s upcoming Gaikai-based PlayStation Now. "Playcast bridges …

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