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Spall: Xbox 720 and PS4 will be browser-based

The traditional console hardware cycle is broken – this we know. But veteran games developer Matt Spall yesterday went one further yesterday at the Develop Conference, claiming that we will never see another ‘traditional’ console coming to the market.

 Speaking of the rising importance of cloud computing, which was made …

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Gaikai E3 press demo cancelled

Industry veteran David Perry will no longer be showing his cloud gaming service, Gaikai, to the press at E3. According to a post on his confirmed Twitter account, Perry implied that the reason for withdrawing from press demos was down to complications regarding patent filings. Perry will still demonstrating the …

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Sony trademarks PS Cloud

It has emerged that PlayStation platform holder Sony has trademarked the name ‘PS Cloud’ – and it did so just one day after OnLive lifted the lid on its streaming games technology at GDC last week. OnLive is a new games system based around the concept of cloud computing – …

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Could OnLive be the death of hardware?

With Zeebo proposing that the future of gaming will bring about the end of disc-based media, an arguably even more exciting prospect dubbed OnLive threatens to end the gaming hardware race altogether. The new on-demand service claims to do for gaming what the ‘cloud’ concept has done to computing – …

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