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“A kiss and a good song: both are perfect, but the combination can bring tears into your eyes” – Remedy’s go-to composer Petri Alanko on composing for games

Petri Alanko

We dive into the musical universe of Petri Alanko, who’s behind games such as  Control, Alan Wake and Quantum Break

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PS4 voice control to be limited at launch

One area that Sony doesn’t look to be competing with Xbox One in is voice and gesture control. Engadget reports that PS4 will at launch only support a limited range of voice commands including the ability to turn the console off and launch games. Users won’t be able to boot …

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Sony confirms Kinect-like voice and gesture control for PS4

PS4 users will be able to control some elements of the console using gestures and voice. The news, Engadget reports, comes from the Tokyo Game Show. It is understood that Sony’s PlayStation Eye was at one stage a compulsory element of the console that was to be bundled with the …

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Xbox One will do more than just ramp up fans to keep itself from overheating

Microsoft has hinted at the possibility of Xbox One downclocking itself to protect itself from overheating. This is very similar to how gaming PCs protect themselves from high temperatures. The first step such a machine will take if it feels that its components are getting too warm is ramp up …

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Microsoft unveils Digits – a Power Glove for the 21st century

The next stage in the motion control revolution could be upon us. Kinect is able to do a pretty decent job of tracking our body movements, but it falls down when it comes to precision movement. That’s where Digits come into it. New Scientist reports that the project, headed by …

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