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Atari ‘surprised and dismayed’ by similarities between TxK and Tempest

The company currently using the name ‘Atari’ has said that it is perfectly justified to pursue Jeff Minter over the similarities between his game TxK and retro classic Tempest. Minter yesterday revealed that he has been forced to scrap the PS4, PC and VR versions of TxK following a copyright …

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Twitch CEO responds to audio copyright criticism: ‘We screwed up’

The CEO of Twitch has given more details on the site’s recent overhaul of its audio copyright laws. Answering questions in a Reddit AmA, Emmett Shear responded to queries surrounding the introduction of technology that will scan streamed videos for copyrighted audio and mute flagged videos for half an hour. …

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Nintendo begins Mario Kart 8 YouTube video claims

YouTubers who have uploaded footage of Mario Kart 8 are are seeing their videos flagged up by Google. The claims are for user gameplay footage, GoNintendo reports. Video uploaded via Mario Kart TV is automatically part of Nintendo’s video advertising program. This suggests Nintendo has made a claim on the …

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