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Resident Evil 6 devs on the price of mass-market appeal

Few games have proved as divisive as Resident Evil 6 but the team behind the game has tried to explain the reason behind its design decisions. And as might be expected in this day and age, it’s the desire to tap into as wide an audience as possible that was …

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Hardcore gamers "have issues" with EA Origin

EA admits core gamers have ‘issues’ with its download platform. But the publisher hopes it can win over the sceptics by making Origin the ‘best download site’ it can be. It follows EA’s new promotion that offers Kickstarter-funded games the opportunity to get listed on Origin for free. The hardcore …

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OPINION: E3’s core focus comes at a cost

It’s unfair to judge the games businesses that effectively run E3 based on the presentation for its products. But you can collectively judge the products themselves. And the broad theme across those pushed to the front was loud and clear. Grunts, gunfire, and girl characters often getting short thrift; these …

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E3 2012 ANALYSIS: Core blimey!

California dreams of broadening the games audience were put on hold in LA this week – as all of the industry’s major players knuckled down on theircore titles. Turn any corner at the Los Angeles Convention Center and you would find format holders and third-parties wanting to reclaim and pander …

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Schappert: "Social and mobile games ARE harming console biz"

Forget the recession: our depressed retail market is thanks to pressure from free apps and mobile games. That’s according to one of the US’ most influential games execs, John Schappert, who just a year ago was a key figure at EA. He also once ran Xbox Live – but has …

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