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Smedley scraps Hero’s Song Kickstarter

Pixelmage Games, the studio headed up by John Smedley, has pulled its Kickstarter campaign for debut title Hero’s Song. The campaign had only been running for one week and was attempting to raise $800,000. After seven days, 3,037 backers had only managed to pledge $136,849 towards this ambitious target. We’ve …

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VR Lens Lab wants to improve virtual reality experience for glasses wearers

Glasses wearers often face a choice – enjoy clear VR is discomfort or be comfortable at the expense of blurry visuals. A new Kickstarter wants to fix that. VR Lens Lab promises the option of adding prescription lenses to Samsung’s Gear VR headset, lettings users ditch their glasses completely when …

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SOE’s Smedley launches new studio, Kickstarter for RPG Hero’s Song

The former boss of Sony Online Entertainment has announced the formation of a new studio and launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for an RPG. The studio, which is based in California, is called Pixelmage Games. Its first title, should it be funded, is pixel art RPG Hero’s Song. It’s looking …

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