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CryTek predicts big things for CryEngine in VR

Crytek is currently experimenting with virtual reality and how its CryEngine technology can power such an experience. The company’s managing director Faruk Yerli said Crytek has big plans for the VR space, claiming that his team had "already found solutions" to dealing with motion sickness – an inherent problem with …

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Crytek CEO: ‘We’re not perfect; we paid the price for transformation’

The founder and CEO of Crytek has admitted that the studio has ‘paid the price’ to downsize and cut costs. The Far Cry, Crysis and Homefront: The Revolution developer was hit by job losses and staff salary payment issues earlier this year, before selling the Homefront IP to publisher Deep …

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GameSpy shutdown means 50 EA games will terminate online support

The closure of GameSpy’s online multiplayer servers is going to affect 50 EA games, the publisher has said. The list includes Battlefield 1942 on PC and Mac, Bulletstorm on PS3, Crysis and Crysis 2 on PC and a host of DS titles including some FIFAs and Need for Speeds. Since …

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Crysis Trilogy available on Origin

EA has bundled all three of its Crysis games – and more – in a single digital release. The Crysis Trilogy contains Crysis, Crysis: Warhead, Crysis 2: Maximum Edition, Crysis 3: Digital Deluxe Edition and Crysis 3: Lost Island Expansion. It’s available on Origin for 34.99. It’s probably worth noting …

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Crytek wants to be the king of new hardcore free-to-play market

Crysis developer Crytek foresees a future for the company where none of its titles make it to retail. That’s because the German developer wants to become the leader in what it believes is the emerging hardcore free-to-play space, with its own Gface platform at the centre of it – much …

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Future Crysis titles may abandon the FPS genre

Crysis 3 is unlikely to be the last in the series… but it could turn out to be the series’ last first person shooter. "At this point I don’t want to give anything away," Crytek producer Michael Elliot Read told OXM. "But I think the Crysis franchise itself has life …

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