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Facebook Credits consigned to the digital grave

Social network Facebook has scrapped its virtual currency Facebook Credits. The system was introduced in early 2011 as a universal currency designed to work across all of the apps and games that feature on the ever-diversifying site. However, the majority of content holders increasingly chose to ignore the system in …

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EVE Online dev wants to sell more physical goods in-game

CCP Games is looking at more ways to sell real-life products to players in exchange for in-game money. The developer-publisher of popular PC MMO EVE Online – which has over 360,000 subscribers worldwide – recently offered gamers 100 Nvidia graphics cards in-game. They sold out in less than two minutes. …

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EVE trials virtual currency for graphics card offer

Online players accrue an insane amount of in-game currency and now CCP is giving it customers the chance to use this to buy PC hardware. The creator of EVE Online has teamed up with nVidia to allow players to buy a high-end GTX 560 graphics card using PLEX, the MMO’s …

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‘Virtual items policy’ in the works for PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment is negotiating an in-game currency policy for all virtual items traded on PS3, the CEO of CCP Games has said. Hilmar Pturssontold Developthat the studioexpects that the negotiations will establish pricing tiers of virtual items, as well as the revenue split between Sony and developers. The talks …

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PopCap axes 730,000-user Facebook game

EA PopCap has dropped ZipZapPlay’s Facebook game Baking Life, despite the title having almost three quarters of a million players. The free-to-play game will close at the end of the month. Users who have bought in-game currency using real money will not be able to use this in other PopCap-owned …

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OPINION: Diablo III auctions a smart move against gold farmers

By introducing real money auctions for virtual items in Diablo III Blizzard has upped its game in the fight against illegal ‘gold farmers’. For online games such as World of Warcraft where it can take months or even years to forge a strong character, time is money. Forget monthly subscriptions …

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Arcade hike due to currency fluctuations

Alongside this morning’s confirmation that the Xbox 360 Elite is dropping by 30, Microsoft has also confirmed a 30 price rise for the Arcade SKU – a decision brought about by the fluctuating value of sterling, according to Chris Lewis, European VP of the firm’s interactive entertainment business. We are …

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PES 2010 Master League evolves

The Master League remains arguably the chief feather in Pro Evolution Soccer’s cap, and Konami hopes to grab a bigger share of the 2009 market with a raft of ML changes that looks et to improve upon the already brilliant formula.

 The Master League is now split into three sections …

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