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Dean Hall’s space survival game Ion is no more

The space game announced by the creator of DayZ at E3 2015 is no more. Ion was proudly announced on the Microsoft E3 stage in 2015 by Dean Hall. He described it as a game that it not a game” and a universe built not on scripts or quests, but …

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Dean Hall sticks up for VR platform exclusivity

Day Z creator Dean hall has spoken out in defence of studios who release platform exclusive virtual reality titles, arguing that the VR sector would be weaker without the practise. Hall’s current studio Rocketwerkz recently released Out of Ammo for the HTC Vive. Oculus continues to face heat for its …

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DayZ dev Dean Hall working on VR game

The creator of DayZ Dean Hall is developing a virtual reality title for Valve’s SteamVR. That’s according to Eurogamer, who says that Hall told the site that the game in question is not the previously-announced space-simulation title Ion. "My studio RocketWerkz is [looking at VR],” Hall said. Not for [Ion].” …

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MICROSOFT: Ion, the new game from DayZ creator Dean Hall, is coming first to Xbox One

DayZ creator Dean Hall is going beyond Earth with his new game. Appearing on stage at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Hall outlined a title built upon emergent gameplay, rather than scripted events and characters. "I want a game that is not a game, I want a game that is a …

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DayZ dev Dean Hall: ‘I would love to make mods for Grand Theft Auto’

The developer behind highly successful open-world zombie MMO DayZ has said he would love to create his own content for Grand Theft Auto. Discussing the addition of paid mods by Valve to its Steam Workshop content marketplace, Dean Hall expressed his desire to see bigger studios offer access to their …

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