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DayZ creator says The War Z saga is "depressing", made him consider quitting

Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ, has claimed that the saga surrounding the launch of rival title The War Z made him consider quitting the industry. The War Z was pulled from Steam yesterday following a raft of complaints from gamers due to false claims made in the game’s product …

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DayZ creator turns interior designer

Work on the standalone version of DayZ is progressing swiftly and has now turned its attentions to one of the most important aspects – interior decoration. Having borrowed its game world from Bohemia’s Arma II, very few of the game’s buildings have interiors, drastically reducing the chance for loot hunting. …

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Day Z standalone alpha hits this year, ‘going to be cheap’

Day Z creator Dean Hall has a real sense of urgency when it comes to getting a standalone version of his popular ArmA II mod into players’ hands. Speaking duing a panel at Eurogamer Expo, Hall revealed that it isn’t a question of wanting to get the game into players …

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The biggest selling game of the summer? A free mod called DayZ

DayZ is more than just another zombie game. There are no objective markers and scores don’t matter: it’s all about survival. There is no price tag, beyond the cost of DayZ’s 2009 parent game Arma II. And there is no stopping it. While Dead Island and Resident Evil sales tail …

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Bohemia feared fan reaction to standalone DayZ

Developer Bohemia Interactive feared a fan backlash when it announced plans to launch a standalone DayZ game. DayZ is a free fan-made zombie mod for the PC game ARMA II and has been a huge success, helping the three-year old ARMA II sit atop the Steam charts for several weeks …

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Day Z creator turned down offers from "many, many publishers"

The digital sensation that is Day Z has turned many heads in the past few months – including some on the publishing scene. The zombie-themed mod for 2009 PC shooter Arma II was released in April and has since racked up a cool 1m users. Now the DayZ developers are …

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